Sheriff Sale


This list of real estate is not an official description of the property being sold but is intended as a courtesy to aid the prospective bidders in selecting possible purchases. Official sale notifications are published in the local newspapers in the municipality of the subject property and can be found on the Oklahoma State Courts Network website

Unless otherwise stated, all sales are conducted at 10 a.m. on the date of the sale at the 2nd Floor Lobby of the Canadian County Courthouse.

Must register in prior to 10am bidding

Terms of Sale                          

Properties are sold as-is. No warranties or guaranties are given by the sheriff’s office. The minimum bid for any of the properties being sold is 2/3 of the appraised value of the property and all bids will be made in no less than $500 (five hundred dollar) increments.

If you purchase any property, you are required to put 10% of the purchase price down by noon the following day in the court clerk's office. If the 10% is not posted by that time, then the property can be offered to the 2nd highest bidder. 

The remaining balance must be paid in full to the court clerk’s office by close of business at the end of the week prior to confirmation. 


Payment Methods

The court clerk’s office will not accept personal checks. All money transactions must be by cash, cashier’s check or money order and must be made out the Canadian County Court Clerk, or they will not be accepted as payment.

Important Notice

The Sheriff’s Office does not have keys to any of the listed real estate and does not have access in any manner to the inside of any of the listed real estate. The Sheriff’s Office cannot and will not authorize any entry into any of the homes. Some of the homes that are being sold are being lived in at the time and we must respect the owner's privacy. 

Recalled sales will not be sold on stated date.